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Who is Chiana?
She's a quirky alien character in the 'sci-fi' series FarScape, a unique creation at once vividly expressive and exotic. An adventurous soul with an individualistic streak, Chiana is just trying to explore living and be herself. For more, see the Intel or just get the FAQ.
Gigi Edgley
Who is Gigi Edgley?
Gigi is an Australian performing artist of many talents, among them actress extraordinaire :) Check her out at Gigi Enthusiasts and Gigi's Official Website.
Whatcha got here?
Thought you'd never ask :) Right now -
Original FarScape and/or Chiana based stories, featuring the ongoing epic, 'For the Greater Good' :)
Images of the monochrome vision known as Chiana, snurched procured from various territories.
Themed work
Original pseudo-poems exploring Chiana's essence and the whimsical "ChiChips", where Earth commercialism meets... well, you'll see :)
Chi's Looks
An overview of all Chi's looks throughout FarScape - 76 pages illustrated with images and captions.
Chiana FAQ
Frequently asked questions to get the quick skinny on Chi.
Chiana Biography
The only attempt at an in-depth "bio" this writer is aware of.
Episode Guide
A quick reference for key eps for Chiana, as well as how FarScape eps rated both overall and for Chiana content.
A select reference of FarScape, Chiana, and Gigi Edgley related links.
Who is ExquisiteIrony and why this 'page'?
Well stranger, here's a vague, rambling but not entirely irrelevant blurb for a reply.
~ Love the Chi ~
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