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Who is ExquisiteIrony and why this page?

me? mmmm... Shy. But here goes... The handle's ExquisiteIrony; b. '74, in California, founder of Gigi Edgley Enthusiasts Resource Service to help spread appreciation for one of my favorite artists - you'll never guess - oh you did? - Gigi. Others span the breadth of mankind abouts; from the unknown cave painters of prehistoric France, to the anonymous crafter of Nefertiti's bust in Ancient Egypt, to Monet's brushstrokes, to Nat King Cole's jazz chops, straight through to all kindsa stuff today. This "page" is here to spread a little appreciation for a current day artist.

Using her creative instincts and spirit as well as her skills in method acting, experimental movement and voice work, Gigi made brilliant and distinctive use of a brilliant and distinctive look to create the "alien" character Chiana. More so than any other in the already creative scifi series FarScape, the serendipitous Chiana is an original and, in my opinion, a wondrous character. Perhaps she represents the most ideal synthesis of humanity and exotic abstraction ever achieved in a commercial "science fiction" show, possibly the best that may ever be seen. Chiana is an individualist without pretense; she simply wants to be herself and relish experiencing life. I recommend her particularly from her first episode, #15, through to #40 or so of the series. A few later episodes are also worthwhile; particularly #83, #73, #78 and #70. She always performs beautifully in every shot she's in :) I suspect it is the combination of the individualist streak and the openness to feeling out experiences in life that really holds my interests, and maybe that reflects something in me too.

Why the handle? Well, a lot of reasons, but at the time I think I was making a comment on the myriad ironies one can see in life, both intended and not. For instance, direct honesty can offend some, even though one is being directly honest out of respectfulness to the person who takes offence... and so, in some cases direct honesty can be considered wrong. There are lots of ironies in human society and few seem to escape my notice ;) or so friends say. See right through 'em, don't like 'em and am known to point them out. But if one is aware of them, one can often find a better truth in ones' self and therefore in life. That's the main reason I guess.

Now - on to Chiana, the "regular" whom production had not quite anticipated, and, ironically, the one given more or less the smallest place in the series' priorities it seems. See? There's another irony... grr. Despite the usage, lack of usage, or misusage at times in FarScape, there was enough great stuff to show Chiana's potential, and I'm certainly grateful FarScape came along to help make such a thing as Chiana possible. FarScape was abruptly ended, but Chiana has such a rich spirit that all one has to do is think of her, and she's there, feeling life. And I do wish Brian Henson (still a 'hero' of mine despite PKW) would and could seize on Chiana as something that can be featured in such myriad fantastic ways, with loads of life yet untapped. As soon as possible, if not sooner... Chiana is a wonder that inspired my soul and will hopefully inspire yours.

...Well enjoy anyway, and come back; the inspiration continues :)

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