I say I can play it on my own
Stand without the world
And it all sinks away into abyss
I don't always say the things I should
I need a little inspiration every now and then
I try to say I'm independant without you
And stumble with no hand to dry the tears
But my own
And you'd do just fine without me
As I without a wind to cast my wings

I'd like to take away
The things that twist and turn
And just be without churning
Second guessing
Wondering where is the world
All here beneath so many stars
When did the I cast out the We
Where did it all unfold
Tangled like a thorny vine
Ripping the wills to scars

Like a sparrow I soar with the hawks
Like the fox in the windblows through the grass
Hounded by all the eyes that I
And we, sailing in the wind like a flimsy kite
In the quiet of the night, caress
Like whispers
Into my soul
I need a little inspiration every now and then

I say plenty of the things I shouldn't
No guidance quite like gazing into the fire
Without you
Then, standing with the world
I feel like the paint chasing paper tigers
So they can flitter around like butterflies
And my eyes may close and dream
Adrift in the ocean side

A Gray Area
by ChianaGray